Situated in the North West corner of Murcia, Moratalla is a fascinating mediaeval town, on the ancient route of the crusading knights. It is an ideal centre for touring North West Murcia, for exploring the forests, mountains and nearby towns of :

Cieza – Visit the archaeological site of Medina Siyâsa, a ruined settlement from the 11th-13th Centuries, and also its own museum in the town. Also well-known for its Esparto Museum, where you can learn about the process and history of local grass weaving.

Caravaca de la Cruz – famous for its “True Cross” the unusual double armed cross. Legend has it that Robert of Jerusalem brought this from the Holy Land.

Calasparra – considered to be the best rice growing area in Spain. Well worth visiting is “La Virgen de La Esperanza”- a beautiful spot on the banks of the River Segura where a natural cavern has become a Sanctuary to “Our Lady of Hope”.

Bullas – famous for its local wine and wine museum.

Mula – offers “The Painted House” which houses the Cristobal Garron art collection. The house itself is a palacial home built in 1770 with a spectacular sgraffito facade.  There is also a very interesting craft centre and museum.

The Ricote Valley – For a scenic drive don´t miss this valley stretching from Cieza to Ceuti. The valley is the last bastion of the Moors in South East Spain, and is one of the most beautiful and fertile plains of the River Segura.  There are also walking and cycling routes where you can see bright and colourfully painted buildings along the way. Visit “Salto de la Novia” (Bride´s Jump) for a legendary love story.

Archena – also lying in this valley is well-known for its exceptional thermal baths.  Take a day out to de-stress in the warm, spring waters and enjoy a variety of hydrotherapy treatments, terrific for rheumatic joints and skin complaints.

Smaller, more traditional and private thermal pools can be found in Baños de Mula, where a pool can be rented by the hour. Visit the local parador while you´re there, amazing architecture and fabulous courtyard!

These are just a few highlights of the local surroundings.